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The Program

Take yourself back to the last leadership and employee training your company had.  Was it exciting and memorable… or did you master the art of sleeping with your eyes open while someone talked at you for several hours?  It’s time to find a new training experience that will leave your whole team buzzing with energy and ready to innovate, without having to trust fall into the arms of senior management.  IA Innovation has the perfect solution.

Working closely with your group, we’ll figure out the problem areas within the company to create an innovative training experience that is based on your needs and produces results unique to your company or organization.  Using similar improvisational techniques to create ensemble comedy on our stages, we’ll inspire your team to work together, flex their creative muscles and produce more innovative ideas… all while sharing a few laughs in the process.

Find out why organizations like Intel, Google, Twitter, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Carl Zeiss, Harvard, MIT, and Nokia have all tapped into IA Innovation’s unique and effective training approach to help them continue to be leaders in their space.  Now, what can we do for your team? Let us know by contacting bob@iainnovation.com.

Training Options

  Signature Program

Google, Life is good, PWC, Liberty Mutual, Raytheon, Bank of America and Converse have all signed up.

Our most popular. Effective communication, listening and team work skills. Everyone is up and doing. Not only do we drill down with the tools and techniques of improv but we also blend in the themes and messages that are important to your group.

   The Off Keynote

Fidelity Investments, John Hancock, CBRE and Deloitte have energized their conferences and meetings.

Let us kick off your agenda! We will set the tone from the start by demonstrating how the tools and techniques of improv can help your organization continue to lead in its space. Extremely engaging and interactive, we can also close the program with a hilarious finishing improv set.


  The Comedy Show Experience

Trip Advisor, Biogen Idec and Silicon Valley Bank have all been part of a long list who have aspired to stardom.

Focusing on risk taking, collaboration and trusting your teammates, we will turn everyday corporate employees into comedy pros! This program is a hilarious way to have your team stretch a bit outside of their comfort zone while also focusing on camaraderie and shared experiences.

  The Curriculum

Twitter does it! Why not you?

A series of weekly/monthly improv workshops at your office or campus. Guaranteed to positively impact each and every group member in the organization.


   Leadership Cascade

Google, Nokia and Carl Zeiss use it.

Effective leadership skills maintenance program that ensures that you are communicating and listening to your team and, by your actions and example, giving them the tools to carry out the right process and values that are key to your organization.


   Put Me in Coach!

Work one-on-one with our trainers to reap the rewards of improvisational training which can be applied to all areas of life. Intensive and impactful, and blending in the foundation of improv, we can focus on any theme and/or message.

  Master Presenter Challenge 

Whether you have a sales force, a small group of senior leaders or are looking to have your team best represent the organization, take the challenge!

We will challenge you and your group by asking each participant to present on subjects and situations that are provided in the moment by our instructors! The ultimate test of thinking fast on your feet, we will prepare you for any presentation in any environment.

  The Real World

A favorite and repeat program for Harvard Business School, MIT, Boston University and Northeastern to name a few.

Hands on and interactive and specifically designed to prepare our future leaders with the skill sets they will need to be successful. Perfect for new hires, incoming graduate students or intern programs, let us help you lead and succeed!

  Start Me Up

From Mass Challenge (US&UK) to iZotope and Liboo, we have helped prepare for the future.

Designed specifically for Start Ups and rapidly growing organizations. The ability to adapt in the moment and tack to a new course are keys to survival. This intense program delivers the tools needed to navigate through the noise and focus on the objective.

  A Room with a View

Our trainers are also performers who can adapt to any scenario or setting and portray a character and image that can be used to highlight differences in sales, management or leadership techniques. Expectations and perceptions of what works in your environment can be viewed and approached differently when you are on the outside looking in.

Venue Partners

Looking for a place to host your training in London or Dublin? We’ve partnered with The St. James Theatre in London and Boston College IrelandThe Sugar Club in Dublin to bring you the best training experience possible. A fantastic opportunity to take the team out of their usual surroundings and into a setting  that will help their innovative and creative self flourish. Create a new comfort zone and transform the workplace for your division, department and company by giving them the tools to continue to succeed.








chet_edited-1Chet Harding, Co-Founder

A co-founder, CEO and Executive Producer of Improv Asylum, Chet has years of comedic acting, producing,directing and training facilitation experience as well as an extensive business background.   He is currently the Director of Corporate Training for both Improv Asylum and IA Innovation.

Prior to opening Improv Asylum in Boston, he worked at Leo Burnett Advertising in New Business Development and on their Kellogg’s account and at Polaroid as their Director of North American Advertising and PR, overseeing the company’s national advertising, multi-million dollar media buying and planning, and PR.

norm-225x300Norm Laviolette, Co Founder

As co-founder, President and Executive Producer of Improv Asylum, Norm brings corporate as well as military experience toward the continued development and expansion of Improv Asylum’s theatrical and IA Innovation’s business divisions.

Prior to a career in comedy and teaching, Norm worked in the marketing and PR industries in New York City.  He is a former member of the Massachusetts and Vermont Army National Guards and a graduate of the Vermont Military Academy’s Officer Candidate School.  Norm continues to lead Improv Asylum’s strategic business and artistic vision locally, nationally and globally.


Together, they have developed and implemented thousands of innovative training programs across the globe.

As actors, writers and producers, they have written and produced several renowned television pilots. As lead instructors and facilitators with both Improv Asylum and IA Innovation, they have created and developed a series of innovative and customizable training programs geared toward the corporate learning and development world.

headshotBob Melley, Managing Director

Bob is the Managing Director for IA Innovation and is responsible for client relations, day to day operations and business development throughout Europe and the globe.

As a former EVP and COO of major revenue companies across the entertainment and technology industries, Bob brings a wealth of business development experience and knowledge.


John Sutliffe, Vice President of Sales at Virgin Pulse

We were looking for something unique… a different twist on corporate training. It was the highlight of our sales kick off! Very different from your more traditional corporate training workshops… It was a rousing success.

Samantha Mahoney, The Westin Copley Place Boston

Our leadership session was perfect!  Our facilitator really did an excellent job guiding us through the exercises and facilitating our afternoon discussion!  It really was just what we were looking for!

Joachim Kuss, Zeiss

“With IA Innovation and Robert Melley and his team we have found a partner for leadership communication which provide us with ideas and programs that even exceed our expectations. In 2012 they supported us at the Zeiss Strategy Summit which was held at Harvard Business School – with more than 100 top executives from all Zeiss entities participating in a full-day program on leadership and communication. In 2013 we were happy that they joined our Vision Care Business Group Leadership Summit in Frankfort, also with more than 100 executives in attendance, and provided the leadership team with a customized, entertaining and very instructing program that addressed the main challenges of our business.

The days with IA Innovation have made lasting impressions and the general feedback from the vast majority of participants is that they learned something sustainable for their work and their own professional development. We are deeply convinced that the way IA Innovation has defined to take leadership communication to the next level is unique in its approach and in its sustainable outcome for participants and company . . . “  read the full letter

MassChallenge’s 2014 Boot Camp

We recently participated in MassChallenge’s 2014 Boot Camp and provided our innovative and interactive Keynote training program for up to 180 start up companies. Helping early stage entrepreneurs win with MassChallenge, Improv Asylum kicked off day 1 of the Boot Camp by teaching valuable skill sets to help them get ahead of the pack and to stay there!
“Check out what MassChallenge and the boot campers had to say about us and our program! Some great video too!”


Jason Hollis, William Fry

“The IA Innovation trainers treated us to a very engaging training session, which struck the right balance of learning and fun.  Feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to working with IA Innovation in the future.”


Jane Finley, Executive Director, Kaiser Permanente

“Wow! Your team was GREAT! “Yes, and…” resonated with staff and we are hearing it used daily. We appreciate your team’s enthusiasm in helping us build a culture of excellence.”


Innovation recently supplied to

WestJet on June 2, 2016 in Calgary, Canada.

WestJet on June 2, 2016 in Calgary, Canada.

Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce- 1/26/16 @ Laugh Boston

Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce- 1/26/16 @ Laugh Boston

The Boston Foundation, Boston Massachusetts

The Boston Foundation, Boston Massachusetts

DTCC January 14, 2016  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

DTCC January 14, 2016 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Intel EMEA in Sopot, Poland on 9/15/15

Innovation delivered to the MIAA and our future leaders at Gillette Stadium. 11/20/15

MIAA and our future leaders at Gillette Stadium. 11/20/15

Innovation delivered to Healthcare Source. 10/27/15. Orlando, Florida

Innovation delivered to Healthcare Source. 10/27/15. Orlando, Florida

The Boston Foundation, Boston Massachusetts

The Boston Foundation, Boston Massachusetts


@websummit2014 Dublin

@websummit2014 Dublin

@websummit2014 Dublin


Fidelity Investments-Boston


#websummit in Belfast, NI


#websummit in Belfast, NI

Google UK-St. James Theatre, London. September 23, 2014

Google UK-St. James Theatre, London. September 23, 2014






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